Paddington 3 Takes Cute Bear to Peru with New Director


“Paddington 3” found its director in the person of Dougal Wilson and received an official name. The famous Peruvian bear, based on Michael Bond’s favorite children’s books, debuted on the big screen in 2014 in the film adaptation of Paul King, in which Ben Whishaw voiced Paddington. A sequel was released later in 2017, and both films earned love for Paddington’s London adventures and the ensuing chaos caused by his clumsiness living with the Browns. The films are also a bona fide commercial success as well as critical hits, earning several BAFTA nominations, and the second film briefly received a 100% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The producers of the StudioCanal film series have committed to make a third film in 2016, although the project needs some time to get off the ground.

In 2018, producer David Heyman confirmed that Paul King would not return to work on Paddington 3. Although Heyman did not disclose why King declined to direct, he confirmed that the director is still involved in the work on the film with outstanding creative potential, and he will work with Simon Farnaby and Mark Burton on the development of the story for Paddington 3, and Burton, John Foster and James Lamont wrote the script. Previously, it was assumed that filming would begin in the first quarter of 2022, but, as Whishaw later confirmed, production was postponed. In March, Farnaby revealed that he and King already have an idea for Paddington 3, and now the sequel has made significant progress.

According to THR, “Paddington 3” will be headed by award-winning director of commercials and music videos Dougal Wilson, who made his feature film debut. The new film is called Paddington in Peru, and it will be shot in London and Peru, with principal photography starting sometime in 2023. Details of the plot and cast have not been disclosed at the moment, although Wilson shared his excitement about taking on a new project. He says that, as a fan of movies, he is delighted with the continuation of the story of the bear who loves marmalade. He understands that he has a lot of responsibility on his shoulders, as he replaces King, who is currently busy directing Wonka with Timothy Chalamet for the WB. But by focusing on what fans love so much about Paddington, Wilson hopes to make a film that will be close to their hearts. Read what he said below

“As a big fan of the first two films, I am very excited (if not a little scared) about the continuation of the Paddington story. It’s a huge responsibility, but all my efforts will be focused on creating a third film dedicated to the love of so many people for this special bear.”

For King, handing over the mantle to Wilson is a sentimental gesture. As the director puts it, he protects the bear beloved by fans, but now he has entrusted Wilson to continue his narration. King considers Wilson a skilled director whose work is funny, sharp, serious, inventive and sincere. The veteran director hopes that Wilson will do something similar in his new job, preserving the legacy of Paddington and paying tribute to the fans who have been waiting for the return of the valuable bear in the film “Paddington 3” for so long.

While “Paddington 3” marks Wilson’s first theatrical outing, King’s faith in his directorial abilities inspires high hopes for the film. Of course, Wilson’s commercials and music videos are very popular, but directing a full—length film within the framework of a well-known franchise is a completely different duty that he will have to perform very carefully. Right now it’s unclear what “Paddington 3” will entail for the bear of the same name. But, given the recently announced title of the film, it is likely that the main character will return to his hometown. It is quite logical that now fans have a lot of questions, for example, whether the Browns will return and whether Whishaw will voice the main character, but the answers to them will become clear when the production of Paddington 3 begins.