Packers Expect 1 Player to Be More Explosive This Year


The Green Bay Packers know that A.J. Dillon hasn’t fully realized his potential yet.

Dillon ran for just 242 yards and two touchdowns as a rookie in 2020. Then last season he increased slightly and ran for 803 yards and five touchdowns from 187 carries.

Running backs coach Ben Sirmans believes everyone will see how Dillon puts it all together in the upcoming season.

“He has this ability. He can make you miss in an open field. You think about games like his arrival in Chicago,” Sirmans said (first transcribed by ProFootballTalk). “He’s faster than most people think. He has the opportunity to make fun of you, even for a guy his size. So in fact, he just combined all these aspects in his game. I think he’s going to have more explosive runs this year.”

If Dillon does have more explosive runs, it will make the Packers’ backfield even deadlier. They still have Aaron Jones ready to play, and he’s facing a rebuilding season after gaining just 799 yards last year.

There’s a real chance the Packers will have the best 1-2 hit among runners in the NFL next season.