Pacific Island Is Confused With ‘Black Hole’ In Google Maps


Pacific Island: From crimes, pranks to a graphical error mistaken for a ghost in Florianópolis, Google Maps has already been responsible for capturing several strange scenes. This time, a user of the tool on Reddit “discovered” a dark-colored isosceles triangle-shaped island in the Pacific Ocean, which spawned theories that the point was a “black hole” or was censored by the service.

Customers on the social network joked with the post’s author that it could be a secret military base, a fallen UFO, the island of Lost, or even the door to “Hollow Earth.” More serious responses speculated that the image is actually an atoll, a ring-shaped ocean coralline that features a kind of lagoon in the middle.

The truth is less exciting

To the misfortune of conspiracy theorists, there is nothing mysterious about the image displayed on Google Maps. According to the coordinates presented in the discussion, the photo represents the island of Vostok, in the Republic of Kiribati in the Pacific Ocean — northeast of New Zealand.

According to information from Encyclopedia Britannica, the island is uninhabited and was considered a wildlife sanctuary in 1979. The color of the geographic formation in Google Maps may be due to the high density of vegetation, which is being misrepresented or caused an error in the satellite image.

A quick color correction is already able to show the terrain with the appearance of an ordinary island. In addition to the sand edges, the site has 94% of its land covered by vegetation.