Pacer collects the witness from WipeOut and F-Zero


R8 Games’ vertiginous new ship racing videogame has a release date on PC, PS4 and Xbox One; so is its playability. In the absence of new installments of classic sagas such as WipeOut or F-Zero, fans of vertiginous ship races have with Pacer a new opportunity to enjoy the highest speeds in virtual format starting on September 17, 2020, date in which the new R8 Games video game will arrive on PC through Steam, PS4 and Xbox One.

Frantic anti-gravity races

Thus, the new R8 Games offers us to participate in futuristic races of anti-gravity ships at breakneck speed, set in the distant year 2075. To do this we can choose from a wide variety of ships, each with its own characteristics, belonging to four classes different and capable of reaching 1,000 km / h; In addition, each player can customize their appearance and give it a unique appearance. All this through 14 different tracks, each more complicated and challenging.

And it is that beyond the skill at the controls, the players will have to avoid and avoid all kinds of dangers and obstacles in the race, causing the most spectacular accidents and in which sparks will jump. In addition, each player will be able to choose their favorite weapons from a wide variety to settle scores with the rest of the players in the middle of the game.

Finally, the title offers different game modes up to a total of seven, including Elimination, Resistance, Storm or the so-called Flowmentum, among others, in addition to an intense single-player campaign and even a multiplayer mode for up to 10 simultaneous users. .

The title can now be reserved for PC through its official page on Steam for its final launch scheduled for September 17, 2020, along with its versions of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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