Pacer, analysis. The best possible heir to WipEout


Starting from the ashes of Formula Fusion, the creators of WipEout 3 release a new and demanding arcade racing game aboard gravity ships.

In this world there are people who tattoo the face of Messi, Sergio Ramos or Cholo Simeone. Yes, yes, there is. Others bet on tattooing the face of their pet or their partner. There are even quenes who choose their favorite actor or singer. We complain a lot about tribal and “mother loves”, but someone should put the magnifying glass on face tattoos. We would only jump into that pool if Sony one day resuscitates the extinct Psygnosis (aka Studio Liverpool). And the face that we would choose would be that of Zico, the protagonist of one of the most mythical trophies of PS3 and a great headache for WipEout HD. Because crazy things like this are only committed by very, very special people. And that is WipEout for us: a very, very special saga. We hope that it was clear in the analysis of his latest installment, WipEout Omega Collection, whose title, An Eternal Legacy, and its conclusion, Thanks for the memories, are still valid today. In any case, sorry that we are with WipEout, WipEout and more WipEout. If today we have nothing else in our mouths, it is because we have to analyze Pacer, a game developed by its own creators that also collects the spirit of the saga and throws a ray of hope in the middle of the wasteland that it currently inhabits. Pacer is a GREAT speed arcade that will delight every fan of the genre and will provoke more than a déjà vu. You may even have to take out the famous excuse that you are not crying, but that something has gotten in your eye. Because we had forgotten how much we missed running at thousands of kilometers per hour aboard gravity ships, using the airbrakes at the last second, touring spectacular cyberpunk cities and listening to electronic music at full volume. Or what is the same, living.

Pacer, aka Formula Fusion, aka WipEout

Pacer heard the starting gun back in 2015, when it was announced on Kickstarter under the name Formula Fusion. The game has come a long way since then, as it successfully raised the more than 80,000 euros it requested and ended up launching an early access version for Steam with which it survived until June 2017, when the title was terminated and posted on components. It didn’t go too well, why fool us. He obtained a 58 mark in Metacritic and was far behind Redout, his great rival and another of the contenders for the throne of WipEout and F-Zero, which to make matters worse was launched a year earlier, in 2016. As if that were not enough, Formula Fusion went on sale the same week that WipEout Omega Collection did, and see who was the handsome one who could bear such a comparison. But its developer, R8 Games, did not throw in the towel. The studio was aware of talent and knowing what it hoard. After all, its founder, Andrew Walker, was one of the great architects of WipEout 3, and since 2016 the company had become the favorite destination of those who lost their jobs after the closure of Evolution Studios (MotorStorm), which in turn, it was the place where many of the members of Studio Liverpool had ended up after their respective lowering of the blind in 2012. The cycle of life, as they said in The Lion King. Or that life always makes its way, according to Jurassic Park. The fact is that, three years after that first failed version, Formula Fusion hits digital stores again, although this time it also lands on consoles; has a new identity, Pacer; and it offers a much, much better result, which finally lives up to the names that sign it.


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