Pac-Man and Hello Kitty come to life in AR on Google search


Pac-Man: Imagine having a Hello Kitty or Pac-Man in your environment when you miss your childhood or playing with your pets? Google is turning several famous characters from Japanese culture into Augmented Reality objects.

In addition to the two iconic characters, the tech giant has also added 12 other personalities, including Ultraman, Evangelion and Gundam, as well as the twins from the Little Twin Stars cartoon.

To access the objects in AR, just search for the character you want in the Google search bar on your phone, find the AR card in the results and choose the option “View in 3D”. To be able to have access, it is necessary that the cell phone has ARCore support. Already on Apple devices, the phone must have iOS 11.

As with other objects, the user will be able to increase, decrease and move the characters around the environment. Google also points out that users can create their own videos in RA – or recreate their favorite scenes – with the recording option.

At the end of last year, the company also added another 50 animals in 3D to the list of objects in RA, including giraffes, cows, cats, zebras and even a hippo.


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