P. Diddy gives his mom a million US dollars for her 80th birthday


P. Diddy (51) is obviously in a patronizing mood! After the rapper had celebrated his 50th birthday last year , the next birthday in the musician’s family was due: his mother Janice turned 80 last Tuesday. On this special occasion, the “I Need A Girl” interpreter threw a fat party and reached deep into his pocket, especially for the gifts: Diddy gave his mother a million US dollars.

The 51-year-old shared some videos of the party in his Instagram story. On one recording, Janice is given an envelope with a check inside. “Oh my god, a million dollars,” she exclaimed in amazement as she read the amount. But that’s not all: Diddy also handed her the keys to a new Bentley luxury car. Janice won’t have to drive it herself in the future anyway, her son added a personal chauffeur service on top of that.

Diddy made a particularly emotional declaration of love for the birthday child for a picture of his mom. “I only exist because of this beautiful, hardworking, loving, funny, always truth-telling, really clever, absolutely amazing Black Goddess Queen,” he enthused and wished his mom a happy birthday.


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