Ozark: With which relative did Jason Bateman share the screen before the famous series


Ozark was the golden opportunity for Jason Bateman, who in addition to acting as Marty Byrde, is also a director and has won a Golden Globe and an Emmy Award, among other awards, but who we have seen in this business since very early age accompanied by great figures of the performance and on some occasions of his family within the set.

This is what happened when his older sister Justine Bateman, who has also stood out in the entertainment world as an actress, director and writer, participated with Jason not in Ozark but in another series that also brought Bateman’s brother to fame, we refer to the Fox comedy “Arrested Development”.

In one of the episodes of the Bluth family’s experiences in this series that started in 2003, the Bateman brothers were on the same set and shared dialogue. Although the character of Justine Bateman was a great joke, both enjoyed sharing the experience in front of the cameras since each had had their experiences in acting, but separately.

In 2006, they launched season 3 of the aforementioned series and it was at its best, Justine Bateman, older sister of the protagonist of the fabulous Ozark, participated in episode 11 called “Family Ties” which curiously means “family ties”.

In the episode, Justine, who was a teenager at the time, played a prostitute named Nellie, as this type of humor characterized that series. The joke begins when Michael finds a photo of himself as a baby, accompanied by an older girl named Nellie who he thinks may be his sister in the series. He then tracks down a woman by that name who is associated with the family-owned Bluth Company but turns out to be a sex worker known to other characters in the series. They meet at a restaurant to get to know each other, but in the end they discover that there is a real Nellie Bluth.

That brief moment was the one that these brothers were able to share who maintain a very strong bond, despite the fact that Justine Bateman has completely distanced herself from acting and now identifies herself mainly as a writer and director, while her brother triumphed with the series Ozark .