Ozark: What we suspected about the release of its finale after 4 seasons


Now that Ozark is coming to a conclusion with the second part of its fourth season on the Netflix platform and with the latest release several days ago by the streamer of a new promotional trailer for the final episodes of the crime drama, its fans are inevitably waiting with eager to know how its creators will bring closure to the interesting story of Marty and Wendy Byrde and the entire dark world that surrounds them.

The fact that Ozark was absent from the screens for more than a year, produced an endless stream of theories and rumors from its fans about the reasons that such a successful series will only last four seasons and how its producers would achieve a satisfactory closure. At that time, few suspected that the decision was actually agreed upon and well received by those responsible for bringing the Byrde’s criminal life to the screens.

It is a fact that Ozark is successfully coming to its conclusion after 4 seasons. The series, which premiered in mid-2017 on the Netflix streaming platform, showed on the screen at the end of January the first part of the final installment of seven episodes loaded with a violent plot. While the rest, which will complete a total of 14 chapters, will debut on April 29 as planned.

As everyone knows the fourth season, although it will be the last, fortunately for the fans it was determined that it would be longer than the previous ones with a total of 14 episodes instead of just 10. Given this situation, its producers did not hesitate to reveal that they were grateful because they considered that in reality the conclusion of the show can be understood as almost two seasons with enough time to make a masterful closing.

In this regard, one of the Ozark showrunners, Chris Mundy, addressed Netflix’s announcement at the time to end the program forever, assuring that far from being bad news, it had really been a stroke of luck. The decision was accompanied by the opportunity to divide the story into two blocks, with a sufficient margin of episodes and time to complete the narrative without haste.

“We always wanted a little more time to tell the story. Luckily Netflix put a deadline on it and that gave us time to finish Ozark the way we wanted.”

“We tell a lot of story and there’s a lot going on. But at the same time, our internal pacing is slow. We’re not taking the air out of the high-action scenes. We’re keeping them slower so the pacing feels more like real life. let us breathe organically”.

These statements were recently confirmed after it became known that with the release of the latest trailer for season 4 part 2 of Ozark, Netflix also announced a big surprise for fans of the successful crime drama. A special entitled ‘A Farewell to Ozark’ will also arrive on the same day of the premiere and consists of a 30-minute retrospective that promises to be part of the unforgettable culmination of a brilliantly told story.