Ozark: What real-life FBI agents were doing on the set of the Netflix series


Ozark is coming to an end with season 4 to mark the end of the story that follows the Byrde family, headed by Marty and Wendy, husband and wife turned drug money launderers, and whose fate hangs in the balance. fantastic Netflix series starring Jason Bateman and Laura Linney in the lead roles.

The crime drama first appeared on Netflix in 2017 and Ozark fans have not seen new episodes since the third season was released in March 2020. Almost two years passed, until the series returned to the networks at the end of last January. screens with 7 episodes from the first part of season 4.

The second wave of Ozark Season 4 episodes will premiere on the Netflix streaming platform on April 29. And while fans are waiting to see how Marty and Wendy will end up in all this drama that has put the lives of many at risk, an important detail about the production of the series was revealed by producer Chris Mundy.

It is necessary to point out that most television programs, in their attempt to get closer to reality and show authentic scenes on the screen in order to make the stories believable, use real-life specialists who serve as advisors to the production team. production and the cast that develops the plot.

For example, shows like Grey’s Anatomy on ABC, crime dramas like CSI: Vegas and NCIS on CBS, or Chicago P.D. of NBC, have specialized professionals linked to the narrative themes of each series. Therefore, they are members of their teams of real-life medical consultants or real police, for the case of crime-related programs, such as Ozark.

Ozark fans probably didn’t know that the production of the show, directed by and starring Jason Bateman, featured advice from real-life FBI agents. According to the producer and screenwriter of the Netflix crime drama, Chris Mundy, specialists in real life crime were present on the set of the series, including the filming moments of season 4. A detail that was confirmed by the actress who plays Maya Miller, JessicaFrances Dukes. This revealed according to Daily Express:

“I went to the set even when they didn’t call me, because I wanted to absorb as much knowledge as possible from these people. It was magical.”