Ozark: The Key Producers Always Hoped Fans Would Uncover


Ozark will return to the screens of the famous server on January 21, the date on which viewers will be able to see the way in which the creators of the program will close the cycle of criminal history in which the Byrde marriage has been involved, after the Dramatic dark twist that left a great suspense in the last seconds of the third installment.

As it will be remembered, one of the many elements that have been an important part of the great attraction that Ozark has generated in audiences all over the world since it was launched in July of the year 207, refers to the symbols that appear in the introduction of every episode since its first season and that will certainly not change for the fourth, so they are highly anticipated with great curiosity by their fans.

When the Ozark production decided to place a group of cryptic images in each episode, it was not necessary to advance or explain anything, its creators already knew that the audience would discover what it was about and even to their satisfaction they went much further in their interpretation analysis . It is an enigmatic intro where you can see a simple O with four symbols inside, thus replacing the customary opening that by tradition usually lasts a few seconds during the presentation of the name of the interpreters of any series.

It was understandable that fans of the show were curious about what these symbols representing objects mean, and quickly noticed how each of them heralded the most important dramatic turns of each episode that preceded. Even, many followers went beyond the obvious, since they also deciphered that each representation in a unitary way formed the word Zark that together with the O that surrounded them completed the name of the series.

However, not everything is as easy as it seems, since some of the objects are not obvious in how they represent what will happen in the plot and, therefore, sometimes they are not easy to detect even after watching the chapter. The most interesting undoubtedly appears in the shocking finale of season 3, titled “All In”, the card shows a model airplane, an image of the Virgin Mary, some cans of beer and an engagement ring.

Each was related in the first place to the plane that took Marty (Jason Bateman) and Wendy Byrde (Laura Linney) to Mexico when they encountered cartel boss Omar Navarro (Felix Solis); the image of the Virgin Mary seemed to refer to the scene of a rival poster hitting Navarro while his family was attending the christening of his newborn son; The beers undoubtedly correspond to the moment when Ruth (Julia Garner) has an important conversation with Wyatt (Charlie Tahan) while mourning the death of Ben (Tom Pelphrey) and the engagement ring with the scene of Sam (Kevin L. Johnson ) asking his girlfriend in marriage, just as the FBI arrests him in the casino accused of laundering money from the Byrdes.