Ozark Season 4B: Netflix Releases Drama Finale Trailer and Announces Special


Ozark is coming to an end after 4 seasons. The series, which premiered in mid-2017 on the streaming platform Netflix, at the end of January launched the first part of the final part of seven episodes filled with a violent plot. The rest, which will complete a total of 14 chapters, will debut on April 29, as planned.

Season 4B premiere of “The Ozarks” is exactly a month away, and Netflix has shared a promotional trailer for all seven episodes, revealing in detail that the finale of the crime drama will have a pretty dramatic ending and unexpected twists for Marty and Wendy. Bird.

In the commercial for the next part of the “Ozark“, it seems that Marty radiates regret for everything he has been doing all this time. In the trailer, Jason Bateman’s character tells Wendy that he is sick of blood on his hands.

Season 4 “Ozark“, part 2, also features Rita at the funeral, as Marty’s narrative voice is heard saying that he lost his entire family because he met them. In the final episodes, Marty and Wendy get rid of Helen and rise to the top of the Navarro empire, according to the Netflix description.

Meanwhile, Marty and Wendy find another chance to get out of the Ozarks, but some past sins do not remain buried, and the most dangerous threats come from blood. Does the synopsis hint that their son Jonah will rise up against them? We’ll have to wait for the final episodes to come out to find out.

Ozark Season 4B Trailer

The truth is that with the release of the trailer for the second part of the 4th season of “Ozark”, Netflix also announced a big surprise for fans of the popular crime drama. The special, titled “Farewell to the Ozarks,” will also be released on premiere day on April 29 and will consist of a 30-minute retrospective that serves as a love letter to one of Netflix’s great drama series.

Farewell to the Ozarks explores the origins of the series, the rich characters we love and love to hate, the thrilling performances that have amazed us creatives who have been working magic behind the camera, and the many memories over the past five years. description of the spec.