Ozark Season 4: The spin-off that everyone hopes to see once the series ends


Ever since Ozark debuted on Netflix four seasons ago in 2017, it created so much interest in the public that the closer it got to its end, once it was announced when it would happen, theories about a sequel began to emerge. For a couple of years, fans of the series have been guessing if its closure will allow one of its most important characters to continue appearing on screen, we are referring to Ruth Langmore, played by the talented actress Julia Garner.

Ruth remains a firm fan favorite for a spinoff and has since Ozark began. The character that Julia Garner brings to life has brought her great satisfaction that ranges from public preference, praise from specialized critics to important awards from the entertainment industry. As are the two Emmy Awards for Best Supporting Actress, which she won for two consecutive years thanks to her excellent work.

The truth is that if there is an opportunity, no matter how small, Garner could undoubtedly carry out a series that rested on her shoulders as the center of the story. Just turned 28 on February 1, she has built a very successful artistic career with her brilliant participation in major film and television productions.

From the first moment she auditioned and despite the fact that the actress herself has confessed that she thought she had not achieved the role, the showrunner of Ozark, Chris Mundy, recalled that seeing Julia, the producers realized that she showed the strength that no other character reaches: A frail-looking young woman who lives in a world of macho men and ends up being more powerful than all of them.

Garner as Ruth Langmore, appears in Ozark as a 19-year-old girl with a long criminal record and business guts who becomes an important part of Marty’s (Jason Bateman) money laundering operation at a club. Local gentlemen’s shop called Lickety Splitz. Her role as an integral part of the Byrdes’ money laundering operation and the subsequent breakup that led her to the opposite side of the Snells, among many other twists in her arc have only leveled her up.

Regarding what is expected for Ruth in the remainder of the fourth season of Ozark, Julia Garner had already anticipated in a previous interview that her character would grow in the eyes of her followers. However, recent events have left fans surprised, since although it was clear that Ruth’s attempt to regain the independence she had before the Byrdes entered her life would not be an easy task, she never thought the cost would be so high and he’s just realizing that.