Ozark Season 4: Showrunner Explains Why Helen Pierce Couldn’t Stay On Series


The latest installment of Ozark exceeded any expectation known in advance, it put the public to the test by making them live a roller coaster of very intense conflicting emotions and above all with many doubts about what happened and what consequences it will bring for its protagonists after the shocking final minutes , which for many was the biggest dramatic turn that the series has had so far.

With the transmission of the fourth season of Ozark very close on January 21, after almost two years of waiting, it has caused a back and forth of comments about the development that the series presented and how the producers will make a closing that is at the height of what has been seen so far. One of the favorite subjects refers to the character of Helen Pierce, played by actress Janet McTeer.

In the third season of Ozark, one of the most important narrative arcs was the one with the presence of the lawyer of the cartel Helen Pierce and her intrusion into the lives of the husbands Byrde, Marty and Wendy played by Jason Bateman and Laura Linney. At first it was assumed that Pierce’s appearance was intended to monitor the couple more closely and the operation of the businesses they run to launder money, a product of the drug trafficking led by Omar Navarro (Felix Solis) from Mexico.

When Helen arrived in the Ozark with her daughter Erin (Madison Thompson), Marty and Wendy quickly came under immense pressure from the Navarro Cartel to carry out their criminal operation, especially with Helen always looking over their shoulders. and intervening directly in all their affairs, sometimes in unimaginable ways. The increase in drama between the lawyer and the couple was so great that the Byrdes became very clear that any misstep would jeopardize their survival like never before.

The development of the tension of these characters reaches a turning point when Helen tries to frame Marty and Wendy in front of Navarro to get them out of the operation and keep their businesses, without imagining that this would lead to her own death at the hands of the murderer. salary Nelson (Nelson Bonilla). That turn to this day is the one that has caused the most impact on the public, in this regard one of the showrunners of the program, Chris Mundy, made some statements.

“We think of the first third of the season as Marty versus Wendy.”

“Wendy won that battle, and then it moves on to this tentative alliance between Wendy and Helen and, by extension, Wendy and Marty versus Helen.”

“We really wanted to maintain that tension that these two things cannot coexist, someone has to win this battle because Navarro is not going to put up with anything unstable and he is going to have to choose a side.”

Mundy went on to explain that the intention of the production was to show that the division caused throughout the season could not come to a clean ending, which would lead to something gory, as well as confirming the threat of the drug lord, showing Marty and Wendy that any hope of escape will not be easily fulfilled. Navarro also knew that the couple was more valuable to him than Helen thanks to his great ingenuity in creating ways to launder dirty money.