Ozark Season 4 Part 1: Know all the hidden details of the end of the drama


Ozark has become one of the acclaimed and most watched crime dramas on the Netflix streaming platform, and without a doubt its return to the screens has made its fans jump with emotion with the suspense experienced in this series. It is no secret to anyone that from the first to the third season they have been very well rated, and it is that, in this time there have been wild massacres and dirty betrayals, that is why in this fourth installment the production has not disappointed us. Spoiler alert!

Netflix set the premiere of the Ozark finale for January 21, however, it had been established some time ago that its finale would be divided into two batches of seven episodes each. As we’ll recall, in the season three finale, Marty (Jason Bateman) and Wendy (Laura Linney) Byrde have narrowly escaped death at the hands of the Navarro cartel.

In this long-awaited fourth season we see them washing pieces of Helen Pierce (Janet McTeer) in the house of Omar Navarro (Felix Solis) after the mafia lawyer was shot in front of them, said attack would have been ordered by Navarro himself . The drug lord would have saved the Byrdes for Helen (Janet McTeer), since she already has certain plans reserved.

Apparently, the mobster Navarro wants to change his lifestyle to start living a cleaner one. But this is not all, in addition to always wanting to keep his family safe, Omar Navarro feels a great threat.

Navarro suspects his nephew Javier (Alfonso Herrera), he firmly believes that he is moving against him and anyone who is important to him, that is, the Byrdes, that is why he requests the help of this family in order to have a I deal with the FBI. This dangerous mobster wants Wendy and Marty to use his influence with agent Maya Miller (Jessica Frances Dukes) to allow her to walk away from his business without consequence.

On the other hand, at the Langmores, the murder of Wendy’s brother and Ruth’s lover Ben (Tom Pelphrey) has brought Jonah Byrde (Skyler Gaertner) and Ruth (Julia Garner) closer together. These latest twists have influenced Jonah’s decision to help Ruth with her new business: laundering money through the Lazy O Motel she just brought over.

In addition to Navarro and the Byrdes, another character who wants out of this dangerous life is Marty, who offers to buy his product for the Shaw Foundation when Ruth’s business takes a nosedive. One of the next episodes that we will see in the second part of Ozark is Ruth Langmore’s revenge, after she discovered Wyatt’s murdered body. Of course, Ruth threatened the Byrdes to get information out of them, however, they refused despite knowing the consequences. However, Jonah finally revealed that he is Javi, which could mean Ruth’s death in part two.