Ozark: Jason Bateman’s reaction as his teenage daughter watches the Netflix drama


Ozark is the crime drama that premiered in July 2017 and follows Marty and Wendy Byrde as they get deep into money laundering for the cartel. Five years later, the series starring Jason Bateman came to an end on April 29 when the second wave of episodes from season 4 appeared on the Netflix streaming platform to wrap up the story.

It may seem strange to many fans, but it is the first time in a long time that Jason Bateman is rewatching the crime series that he stars in as Marty Byrde. And not only that, his 15-year-old daughter is seeing her with him, the actor confirmed during an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

As fans know, for a series about cartels and money laundering where violence is a key element in the show’s function, Ozark explicitly and graphically presents strong imagery. However, this does not seem to worry the actor as his teenage daughter begins to watch the successful series that has just ended.

According to Jason Bateman, this is the first time his daughter has seen her work in Ozark. According to statements by the interpreter of Marty Byrde in the Netflix drama, the experience “has been strange for her”, especially since she had never seen one of her father’s on-screen performances.

“Last night and the night before, my 15-year-old daughter and I sat down and watched episode 1 and episode 2 of the show,” Bateman told EW. “This is a big deal. I haven’t seen them in five years, she has never seen the show.”

Ozark fans who have known Jason Bateman for a long time know that the actor has a long history in film and television. And the fact that her daughter has never seen the impersonation of her father when she’s on camera before, starting to see him as Marty Byrde must be an interesting experience for the teenager.

“She’s never seen anything I’ve done because, you know, if you have kids, they usually leave it for everyone but you,” Bateman explained. “It’s been weird for her to see me on [the camera] and I get it, that’s not weird. For whatever reason, she finally decided to see Ozark.”

Netflix’s crime drama, since it premiered the first part of season 4 became one of the most watched series of the transmitter. Jason Bateman thanked fans for following his family on screen, and took to Twitter recently as he said goodbye to his iconic role as Marty Byrde.

“I just want to say hello and sincere thanks to all the kind people who have given OZARK a place in their lives over the years,” Bateman wrote. “Thank you for liking what we love to do for all of you!”