Ozark: Fans claim that Marty Blyder is inspired by a real person


The four seasons of the Netflix crime series, Ozark, managed to be a worldwide success with which viewers were able to delight in its great story. In which we are introduced to Marty Byrde (played by Jason Bateman) involving himself and his family with a dangerous drug cartel and must move to the town of Missouri, Ozarks. But, some fans of the show claim that this story is similar to that of a convict from the United States.

During the first season, Marty starts out as a struggling financial advisor living with his family in Chicago, but a setback in his money laundering operations forces him to move to the Ozarks. But, the reason why they do it is to be able to save themselves and remove the doubts of the members of the cartel, after losing $ 8 million dollars, but that in reality they had stolen it.

Then, in the second season of Ozark, Marty starts funneling all of the cartel’s drug money through a casino. A business that offered him the facility to launder large sums of money. In addition to other businesses such as strip clubs, inns and even funeral homes. But while he was doing all these washes, Marty was planning to climb much further.

Marty Blyder is not only an accessory to major money laundering crimes, he is also guilty of illegal cartel drug trafficking and murder. However, fans who watched the finale of Ozark’s fourth and final season have been suggesting that this story is a lot like a convict.

According to a user of the Reddit social network, the character of Ozark, Marty Blyder is inspired by the convicted American criminal named Scott Tucker. Not only because of the things that the character did in the series are similar to those of Tucker, but also even the way he talks about him.

“I couldn’t help but notice that Marty Byrde looks a bit like Tucker.”

“Not only that, his way of speaking is similar, and he seems like a simple person when, in fact, he is a criminal.”

Scott Tucker was the brains behind a billion dollar loan scheme. Payday loans are when an individual or business provides an expensive short-term loan that is usually due on the borrower’s next payday. Although this business is heavily regulated by US agencies. Tucker managed to circumvent the operation of payday loans on the Internet, using illegally high rates and in secrecy. Which earned him a 16-year prison sentence.

Like Tucker, if at any point in the Ozark series, Marty would have been caught, he would no doubt have been charged with violating many federal and state laws, which would have led to a heavy prison sentence, along with his wife. .