Ozark: After the end of the drama fans rate the best character of the show


After the shocking end of the last season of Ozark on the Netflix platform, viewers have been talking about the best character the show had from start to finish, despite the great variety and incredible cast that the drama presented in its four installments. , many agreed that due to its plot it was chosen as the favorite Spoiler Alert!

From the beginning of Ozark, we are introduced to Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman) and his family, Wendy (Laura Linney), Jonah (Skylar Gaertner), Charlotte (Sofia Hublitz). Where they get involved with a drug cartel trying to launder their money and due to the various problems they begin to see, they face a seemingly endless amount of obstacles to free themselves from their obligations to this evil group.

In the final episodes of Ozark, Marty suffers a crisis of conscience, something that briefly pits him against Wendy, who feels that the end justifies the means when it comes to protecting the family from her. But, her ambitions seem to be changing the way she thinks, and her quest to amass influence and power comes at a high cost to those around her, destroying many lives in her path.

Although the show introduced us to an incredible main and supporting cast who played corrupt politicians, vengeful FBI agents, homicidal louts, ruthless drug dealers, and more than a few simply inept criminals. Fans assured that one character was the one that stood out the most above the others.

Many Ozark fans saw the incredible evolution of Marty’s former protégé, Ruth Langmore (played by Julia Garner). Reason for which a discussion in the Reddit social network, described it as the best that the program has had since its first appearance. According to many fans, Garner’s ability to outshine Bateman’s more understated performance as an ordinary man in the head speaks to her talent.

Let us remember that Ruth Langmore is the most prominent member of her family clan, which has produced dangerous underage criminals for generations who become recognized for her actions throughout the city. When Ruth first meets Marty, she sees an opportunity to break the cyclical pattern of poverty, abuse, and self-destruction that her close Langmore family maintains.

“So layered, complex, interesting, funny, enigmatic. She’s like everything I look for in a character,” said one fan.

To many fans, Ruth has an unmistakable vulnerability, particularly when it comes to her younger cousins. There are also certain parallels between Ruth’s relationship with her father and Marty. However, her incredible development in Ozark led her to win the jackpot and the favoritism of the viewers despite being killed off in the last episode of the drama.