OxygenOS 11 Beta 4 update released: OnePlus 8


OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro users waiting for OxygenOS 11 Beta 4 update got what they wanted. The Chinese company, which has been operating since December 16, 2013, gave priority to design-oriented changes.

With this update, OnePlus said that Android stopped using its classic design and released its update called OxygenOS 11 Beta 3 a few weeks ago. Software under the beta label is not yet available to everyone.

What features does the OxygenOS 11 Beta 4 update have?

The 7-year-old technology company, which preferred the infrastructure of the Android 11 Beta version in terms of software, was actually preparing to spread the OxygenOS 11 version, which is under construction with Beta 3, to the whole world. It is unknown why this plan was canceled.

Some users say that OxygenOS 11 versions are similar to One UI software designed by Samsung. This version also has a security patch prepared for this month.

OxygenOS 11 Beta 4 güncellemesi

Features prepared for OxygenOS 11 include Gaming Mode, Floating Windows and Accidental Touch Prevention. Gaming Mode, which is translated as Game Mode, keeps users away from incoming calls and notifications.

Thus, the gaming experience of the users is not interrupted. In addition, this feature, which allows you to adjust the screen brightness and turns off applications running in the background, allows games to be played with higher performance.

Floating Windows, which we can call Floating Windows, enables the applications that are currently open to be located anywhere on the main screen. In this way, users can answer the messages they receive and check the updates they make.

Accidental Touch Prevention prevents accidental replies of incoming calls or incoming messages to OnePlus models in a place where there is no light. This interface has managed to please many users. Apart from that, Gaming Mode prepared for games was used in previous OxygenOS 11 updates.

Floating Windows and Accidental Touch Prevention were not included in the OxygenOS 11 updates released in the past. If you wish, let’s share with you the innovations brought for OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro models without further ado.

What’s new


– Screen effects have been renewed.
– Lag issues caused by some settings have been eliminated.
– Congestion problems in data loading processes and notification bar have been removed.
– Crash or reboot problems caused by some settings have been eliminated.
– The notification bar that turned completely black due to the dark mode has been removed from this problem.
– The problem of not restarting the phone that occurred after the update has been eliminated.
– Fixed an issue where the photos taken by the corresponding system that could take screenshots were not saved.


– A software named Game Tools Box has been added. With this software, functional programs such as Fnatic Mode, WeChat, QQ and Screen Recorder can be used at the same time.
– Inadvertent Touch Prevention system has been added.


– Fixed an issue where the brightness suddenly increased when opening the Gallery app.
– Fixed an issue where captured screenshots were sometimes not displayed properly.


– The background of the relevant application showing the weather is now visible.


– The infrastructure of the transfer system used with the internet was strengthened.

Although the OxygenOS 11 Beta 4 update does not come to every OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 model, it can keep developers and users who previously volunteered to try this release for several weeks. What do you think about the innovations?


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