OXIDE Room 104 Scares With Its First Gameplay: This Is The Survival Horror Made In Spain


OXIDE Room 104: The WildSphere title is defined as an action-packed body-horror video game in which we will have to escape from an old and bloody motel. The Spanish studio WildSphere has presented the first gameplay of OXIDE Room 104, a body-gore action, horror and survival horror video game in which our mission is very clear: get out of an old motel alive. After the visitors to the Valencia Indie Summit have asked to try the game for themselves, now is the time to present this interesting proposal to society for game lovers where being scared is part of the experience.

What is OXIDE Room 104 about?

OXIDE Room 104 is a single player adventure that will put us in the shoes of a character, Mattheu, who is trying to escape from a terrifying motel. The protagonist will wake up shocked in the bathtub of Dorm 104 after a car ride at night, but he does not recognize the place where he is. He has arrived at the parking lot of the Night Soul Motel, but he doesn’t know how he got there.

The development team wants us to behave as we would in real life, roaming the premises of the place looking for a way out while discovering what is happening around us. How could it be otherwise, the game will splash us with constant threats and will accompany us with the strange presence of an intimidating being. “That creature will not hesitate to tear Matthew to pieces. He knows it as if he had already lived it before, ”they explain.

Every action and every decision we make can radically change the course of events, which will bring a very accentuated replayable look to the games. “Every time Matthew dies he will return to the bathtub in room 104, consuming his flesh and feeding his madness.” In this way, it will be necessary to use your ingenuity to solve the puzzles and get out of this motel alive. Liberate in the face of death; death versus freedom.