Oxford vaccine is 100% effective against severe conditions


While some vaccines are already approved in several countries, the solution proposed by the partnership between Oxford and AstraZeneca should be validated this week in the United Kingdom for treatment of the population.

At first, the last phase of clinical tests showed that the AZD 1222 product would have a 62% effectiveness when administered to volunteers in two doses. Interestingly the numbers reached 90% when a half dose was applied, and a second full dose later.

These results, however, are inaccurate and derived from human error. In a new evaluation round, the partnership reached the correct numbers, which, according to Soriot, would be 100%, at least in the prevention of serious and fatal illnesses, excellent news for fighting the pandemic.

Vaccines already approved in some countries, such as the United Kingdom itself, already show effectiveness above 90%, which is an excellent percentage of immunization. Solutions such as national flu vaccines, for example, do not reach this success rate, and are equally important for the immunization of the population. Criteria for approval of a vaccine generally require effectiveness above 50%.

The approval of the Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine is important because, unlike other compounds, it can be stored in conventional vaccine refrigerators, with temperatures between 2ºC and 8ºC. This helps to make it cheaper, on average $ 4 per dose.

Some vaccines already approved bring logistical problems due to the need for storage at temperatures of -70ºC.


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