Oxford University Announces Successful COVID-19 Vaccine Tried in 8 Thousand People


The head of the team that developed a vaccine against coronavirus at Oxford University. Sarah Gilbert said that the candidate for the vaccine has been tested and successful over 8,000 people.

Almost 200 vaccines are ongoing against COVID-19 worldwide. In some of these vaccine studies, human tests have already started. According to the statements made by WHO, England was one of the most advanced countries in vaccination studies with the studies of Oxford University.

The university began to share expected data on COVID-19 vaccine tests. Oxford University, which has been testing the vaccine developed against COVID-19 over 8 thousand people, has announced that they have obtained positive results from these vaccine tests. The authorities, who said that the body of the people who were vaccinated started to resist the virus, also pointed out that hygiene conditions should be observed in all conditions.

The vaccine produced develops immunity against COVID-19

Professor, who is the head of vaccine studies at Oxford University. “We can state that we are now at the final stage in the vaccine that develops immunity against the new-type coronavirus,” said Sarah Gilbert. Saying that the vaccine may be ready in September, Gilbert said in the previous statements, “Do not assume that the vaccine will be ready in winter. Be prepared for the worst. ”He pointed out the importance of social distance and hygiene. In addition, even if the vaccine has started to be produced now, we can predict that it will take some time to produce enough doses to the world.

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The vaccine named AZD1222 will continue the tests for a while and then AstraZeneca will be used for distribution. It was decided to send 400 million doses of vaccines to these countries while making agreements with Germany, France and the Netherlands. In addition, AstraZeneca will send 100 million doses to the UK and 400 million doses to the USA, and will produce vaccines for other countries after these countries.


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