Oxford study: Video game players are happier


It was determined that playing video games for long periods of time made the person feel good.

According to the BBC report, in the study conducted by the Oxford Internet Institute, it was observed that individuals who played video games for a long time were happier.

The study, in which 3,274 players over the age of 18 participated, focused on 2 games of 2 companies.

The companies shared data on how long users played for the study and their performance.

The data collected was compared with the answers to the survey questions evaluating the happiness of the players.

Professor Andrew Przybylski, who led the study, said the findings were surprising, saying that the person who played the video game for 4 hours a day felt much happier than the non-player.

Przybylski also reminded that studies conducted 40 years ago revealed that people were more unhappy when they played video games for a long time.

The difference in the findings of this study was related to the fact that both games can be controlled by individuals and the ability to interact with characters controlled by other people.

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