Owners of the top in the smartphone market are the same


In the second quarter of 2020, smartphone manufacturers business progressed largely as predicted. Many manufacturers closed this period with lower profits compared to the same period of 2019. During this period when the effects of the coronavirus pandemic were felt, 20.4 percent less phone shipments were made compared to the same period of the previous year. In this period, when 294.7 million smartphones were shipped, Samsung, Huawei and Apple are again at the top of the market.

In the market in which Samsung and Huawei took the top with 20 percent shares, Apple again took the third place with 13.5 percent. Looking a little more deeply at these figures announced by IDC, another picture stands out.

It is seen that Samsung, which shipped 75.1 million phones in the second quarter of 2019, experienced a sharp decline and made 54.7 million phone shipments in the second quarter of 2020. It is also worth remembering that the number of shipments of the company in the first quarter was 60 million.

On the Huawei front, the decline is softer compared to the previous year. The company, which shipped 58 million phones in the second quarter of 2019, completed the same period of 2020 with 54.1 million shipments. On the other hand, Huawei’s market share in its homeland China increased to 42.6 percent.

The most stable performance among the top trio came from Apple. The company’s total shipments fell from 38.5 million in the second quarter of 2019 to just 38.3 million. It was stated that the performance of the company in China was effective in Apple’s figures.

The top five on the list are Chinese brands Xiaomi and Oppo, with market shares of 10.2 percent and 8.6 percent, respectively. The only company that managed to achieve double-digit growth compared to the previous year was Realme, which grew by 11 percent.

Omdia’s data shows that the Apple iPhone 11 is the best selling phone of the first half of the year, with sales of 37.7 million. Second in the list is the Samsung Galaxy A51, which sold 11.4 million units. Redmi Note 8, Redmi Note 8 Pro and iPhone SE complete the top five, respectively.


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