Owner Of Facebook, Meta Wins ‘Award’ For Worst Company In 2021


Meta: The Yahoo! Finance conducted a survey among users to find out which, in the opinion of viewers, was the “worst company” of 2021. The title was disputed, but ended up with a company that even changed its name in recent months: Meta.

A company that was previously just called Facebook, the company now houses the social network and other platforms run by Mark Zuckerberg, such as Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus. The name change took place in October and aims to direct the company towards a new focus: the metaverse.

The survey was conducted from December 4-5, 2021, and yielded 1,541 responses — all from readers of the site, including investors and stock market enthusiasts. In all, the Target received 8% of the votes in an open modality poll, that is, without pre-defined alternatives.

The year, in fact, was not a positive one for the giant. In October, documents and internal studies leaked by a former director of the company indicated that the brand’s networks were harming the mental health of young users and interfering with democracy in certain countries without so much moderation in posts. New reports that emerged weeks later, dubbed Facebook Papers, further detailed these controversial practices.

Almost at the same time, Facebook carried out the name change, starting to bet more and more on the Virtual Reality (VR) metaverse services. About 30% of those who voted for the Goal, however, say the company “may redeem itself” in the future — especially due to the new direction and any changes in internal policies and moderation.

Earlier this year, the platform was also criticized for its lack of action against hate speech and extremist organizations that met on the platform, including those that carried out the invasion of the US Capitol. The network has also come under criticism from conservatives for alleged censorship, especially after banning former president Donald Trump.