Owner of an RTX 3090 Finds A Piece of Glove Inside The Board!


The RTX 3090 is currently one of the most expensive and advanced cards you can buy in the high-end home PC segment. For a suggested price of $1,500, the user gets 4K gaming at over 60 fps and ray tracing, but a Reddit user got an extra as well: a piece of glove.

The board buyer, who subscribes to Reddit as antonyjeweet, commented that his chunky board was overheating too easily. When his curiosity and annoyance got big enough, he decided to take a chance and open the sign.

To his surprise, antonyjeweet found a crushed piece of latex, which had once been a finger glove. It is common to use this type of protection in electronics manufacturing to help keep the environment sterile and free from contamination, but generally gloves do not leave the factory.

According to the author of the report, it was only necessary to remove the piece of garbage and the board started to function normally. He also says that Nvidia is willing to honor the warranty, even after he opens his RTX 3090.

As with almost any product, if you open an electronics the warranty is instantly violated. But in this specific case, after antonyjeweet showed the manufacturer what happened, they were willing to change the card if he wanted to.


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