Owner of the Nottingham Forest reveals that he suffers from coronavirus


Owner of the Nottingham Forest reveals that he suffers from coronavirus. Through an Instagram post, the owner of the Nottingham Forest realized his health status because of the coronavirus.

The coronavirus does not believe in anyone and has already been ‘charged’ to the main competitions in Europe. For example, LaLiga Santander made the decision that its next two days be played behind closed doors so that the disease does not expand, while Series A will not take place until April 3 .

Now, it has been confirmed that the coronavirus has infected the owner of Notthingham Forest , Evangelos Marinakis . This, through his official Instagram account, reported that he has the disease, although he said he is more than calm and that he has already started his treatment.

“The new virus has ‘visited’ me and I have been forced to inform the public. I feel good because I am taking the necessary measures and following all medical advice. I strongly advise all my fellow citizens to do the same. I wish everyone a speedy recovery. ” Marinakis said in the social network appointment for the coronavirus .

Marinakis, to recover from the coronavirus
Quickly, Forest fans responded to the publication and wished him a speedy recovery. He is expected to be in quarantine in his home and that his closest relatives go through the respective exams to rule out that they are also infected.

On the other hand, Italy has lived on Tuesday its first day with restrictive social and mobility measures that seek to contain the progress of the coronavirus , which has left at least 631 dead, while states such as Spain, Malta, Austria and Serbia have announced blocking actions of its connections with the country. Spain has banned all flights from Italy, Malta has suspended any connection by air or sea and Austria and Serbia have announced that they will temporarily prevent entry to their territory from Italy.


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