Owner may find lost Samsung phone even without internet


Samsung phones that are lost may be found by the owner even if they are no longer connected to the internet. The new offline mechanism works through other smartphones that are close to the device, allowing it to be found from a network that talks to each other. The South Korean giant repeats a technology that Apple has included in iPhones since iOS 13.

This is made possible by the “Find My Mobile” function, according to the specialized website XDA Developers. The application already had the function of protecting in case of loss or theft. When triggered, it backed up the information, deleted local data and blocked access to Samsung Pay.

The function of finding smartphones offline is limited to Galaxy devices. Therefore, in order to find a lost Samsung phone, there must be another one from the brand to find it. The print shared by Max Weinbach of XDA Developers indicates that tracking without an internet connection can be activated as soon as the device is enabled through an update.

When the update is installed, the user will receive a notification of this functionality on the screen. When you touch it, a configuration page will open and the button at the top can activate tracking, as well as encryption of the offline location, which can be done there too.

Remember the Galaxy S20 launch

According to Samsung, the update can guarantee a security measure: “’this will allow your phone to be found by other people’s Galaxy devices, even when not connected to a network. It will also allow your phone to be used to search for lost Galaxy devices that may be nearby. You can also find watches and headphones, if this was the last device they connected to, ”he explains.

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