Owlchemy Labs Teaser new VR Project at Gamescom Opening Ceremony live


During the opening Night Live at Gamescom 2022, Owlchemy Labs teased a brand new unnamed virtual reality project that is currently in development. The video doesn’t really reveal much beyond the concept that this is a shared experience between friends, which may or may not have much to do with food, since everyone here is essentially eating from empty plates and drinking from non-existent cups.

Which shouldn’t be surprising, since the company has developed a special set of hand tracking functions for Vacation Simulator. Apart from what we saw in the trailer today, and the tagline “you should have been there,” all we really know is that over the next few months, the game will slowly unfold. If we had to guess, we would bet that the full disclosure will take place at The Game Awards this December. Here are a couple of quotes from the company about the discovery.

“The first time we saw and used our hands in virtual reality, we realized that this is the future of the platform. Hand tracking reduces the barrier of entry into virtual reality, making games more accessible and intuitive for more people. Playing games is much more fun when you use your real body as a controller,” said Andrew Eich, chief operating officer of Owlchemy Labs. “Ever since we launched Job Simulator, virtual reality players have been asking Owlchemy for a multiplayer game. Our next project allows friends to enjoy the classic Owlchemy experience together, and hand tracking opens the door to a whole new world of VR interactions.”

“Hand tracking has provided an unprecedented level of communication between players. Combine this new technology with players exploring our bizarre worlds with friends and you have all the ingredients for a magical virtual reality experience,” said Devon Reimer, CEO of Owlchemy Labs. “Since the launch of Cosmonious High, our studio has almost tripled. Owlchemy appreciates trying new things, and our next project gives us the opportunity to push virtual reality to new heights.”


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