Overwatch writer is working on a new 2K game


Michael Chu was one of the main writers for the successful Overwatch, but recently he left Blizzard to dedicate himself to new projects. Today, in a blog post by novice developer 31st Union, he said “excited to be working on creating more inclusive characters”.

Michael is the narrative director for this game with no name or official announcement yet, but in a job posting recently posted by the studio, you could read a description of the project that labeled him a “multiplatform multiplayer AAA focused on action between characters”, right on line from what we’ve already seen in Overwatch.

Elsewhere in the text the “unique abilities” that each hero will have are also mentioned, increasing the possible similarities between the games. For now, there is not much to theorize about this future release, which is being chaired by Michael Condrey, the co-founder of Sledgehammer Games.

Is there a good thing coming? Place your bets in the comments below!


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