Overwatch Wins HQ Telling Cole Cassidy’s Story


Overwatch: It’s been a few days since Blizzard changed the name from McCree to Cole Cassidy in Overwatch, and to celebrate the occasion the producer announced two actions dedicated to the gunslinger: the launch of a series of comic books and an event within the game.

Titled Overwatch: New Blood, the comic book series will be made available in digital format and split into five parts telling the story of Cassidy in search of a new team. The saga is written by Ray Fawkes and illustrated by Irene Koh, in addition to having the Dark Horse Comics seal as its publisher.

The event is also called New Blood and offers players a new [player icon, sprays, and the Sandstorm Cassidy skin for winning matches in Quick Play, Competitive, and Arcade. About the sprays, you can get three of them fulfilling the following requirements until November 23 on Twitch: watching two hours, two to four hours, and more than four hours of gameplay, respectively.