Overwatch Will Gain Crossplay Support Across All Platforms


Overwatch: It’s been a long wait, but today (9) Blizzard finally announced that Overwatch will gain crossplay support across all platforms, including PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, plus PS5 and Xbox Series X|S via of backwards compatibility.

Building on the momentum of the new, Battle.net’s PC app has also been updated to allow you to add your friends to a global contact list, which includes console players, as long as they associate their video game profiles with a valid Battle.net account.

According to Aaron Keller, the current Overwatch director who took over after Jeff Kaplan’s departure, a Beta for this feature should begin “soon”. Check out the full development update video that explains the new features in detail:

It is interesting to note that the ranked mode will now be shared between all consoles, which will be able to play with each other, but the computer will still have its own competitive mode, as the level of matches over there is much higher, and your players will rely on the accuracy of mouse and keyboard controls and more communication.

For those who venture to play alone, matchmaking will always try to prioritize players who are on the same platform as you. Outside of competitive mode, crossplay will be fully integrated across all platforms. Unfortunately, it’s not yet this time that we’ll see crossprogression on the title, but Aaron says the team continues to look into the topic.

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