Overwatch: We talked to Christie Golden about her story


Overwatch is currently hosting one of its coolest events of the year, with the Symmetra Restoration Challenge! From the 17th to the 30th of November, just win nine games in any game mode to receive a beautiful exclusive skin, the Symmetra Marammat! But this is not the only novelty of this super event.

As we had already said here, the heroine also received a new story of her own, De Pedra em Pedra, which further expands the lore of the omics, with the right to a super special participation by Zenyatta! And who wrote this story was none other than New York Times bestselling author Christie Golden!

At the invitation of Blizzard, we had the opportunity to speak directly with the writer, who was super friendly and took away all our doubts about the origins of the story, since approaching Jeff Kaplan, the game director (well explained in the video below by himself) Jeff) to his greatest influences. Check out the best excerpts from our conversation below!

A chat with Christie Golden

It’s really cool to see you, who already worked on Star Trek, now entering another futuristic franchise like Overwatch. How do you feel about diving into yet another science fiction?

“I think there are similarities! In fact, my family was not very attached to science fiction, so my first exposure to the genre was when I was 10 years old. I was going to play with a little friend, but on the day she didn’t want to play because she preferred to see a Star Trek on television. I was really irritated that day, like ‘so I’m going to see this Star Trek too to see what’s so great about it’, and I still remember it like it was yesterday to see my first episode! And it catapulted me into this world, it was a very deep connection.

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Since then, it has been a lot of fun to see all the different versions of Star Trek, all the different voices that the series could harbor. I loved working on Voyager, the cast was amazing, I can’t even choose a favorite character because I love them all! (laughs). And for all that, I like versions of the future that are full of hope, I think we need that. Perhaps today more than ever, with everything negative that has happened in the world.

Before the coronavirus, we were full of dystopian releases, and everyone was obsessed with it, but now people are more like ‘you know what? no, no, no, what is really cute and warms the heart? I want to see something to relax ‘. And what I love about Overwatch is that it is a truly global work, with a lot of characters. And with Overwatch 2 coming, we are moving more and more to expand the lore. I love the idea of ​​having conscious robots being seen as people, and the idea that everyone can be a hero.


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