Overwatch: Symmetra heroine gets a new free tale


The popular FPS Overwatch is further expanding its lore with a little help well known to Blizzard fans: New York Times bestselling writer Christie Golden was in charge of the new short story De Pedra em Pedra, starring Symmetra.

Christie, who had previously worked on dozens of novels about the World of Warcraft universe and great Starcraft stories, now lends her talent and imagination to a short 25-page story that we already had the opportunity to read in advance thanks to a invitation from the producer.

In addition to the traditional good writing of Christie, the biggest highlight of the tale is that it delivers something much desired by fans of the game for a long time and brings several unpublished details about the lore of the omics. With a slight spoiler alert (stop reading here if you don’t want to know any other details of the story!), The story is co-starred by none other than Zenyatta!

Our Zen omnic and good square explains to the reader the origins of the consciousness of his species, and how Aurora’s life was, the first conscious omnic. Thus, we are invited to understand a little more about their way of life and values ​​together with Symmetra, who visits their temple in order to restore a statue of Aurora that was broken by Vishkar Corp ..

The tale De Pedra em Pedra will be made available to all players and curious people soon. Are you eager to find out more about Symmetra and Zenyatta’s past? What is your favorite Overwatch hero? Comment below!

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