Overwatch, Saints Row 4 and Vermintide 2 Have Free Fds on Xbox


Overwatch, Saints Row 4: Re-Elected and Vermintide 2 are now free to play on Xbox consoles if you are an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Xbox Live Gold subscriber! Between today (24) and Sunday (27) it will be possible to try out the three titles without any limitations.

The coolest thing is that these games are very different, so there are options for all tastes. Overwatch needs no introduction, as the hero shooter was the winner of the best game of the year award at The Game Awards 2016. This might be a good opportunity to catch up with it while they don’t paint any more news about Overwatch 2.

While Blizzard’s title shines on the competitive scene, Vermintide 2 goes in the opposite direction and is more focused on co-op adventure for four simultaneous players. Part of the world of Warhammer Fantasy Battles, it has 15 different careers to follow, plus many challenges, quests and weapons.

Finally, Saints Row 4: Re-Elected is a bespoke adventure for those who like a lot of hoopla, explosions and nonstop action, putting the player in the shoes of the president of the United States just when it’s necessary to fight an alien invasion.

Are you planning to download any of these titles? What is your favorite among them? Let us know in the comments below!


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