Overwatch Preview: New Blood #2 (EXCLUSIVE)


Warning! Overwatch Spoilers: New Blood #2 from Dark Horse Comics

In a brand new preview of Overwatch: New Blood #2 from Dark Horse Comics, Farrah’s time on the team is about to begin when she meets Cole Cassidy, but her struggle with her own family makes joining the Overwatch roster a difficult decision. In an exclusive review of the upcoming physical release of the previous digital series, new blood in the Overwatch team is starting to take shape.

Overwatch, a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by Blizzard Entertainment, features a huge variety of characters whose story goes far beyond the 6 vs 6 game in which they debuted. In the universe, the game has a rich history, confirming the game locations, characters and replicas. With the release of Overwatch 2, the Overwatch: New Blood series from Dark Horse Comics will reprint the adventures of its heroes originally seen in the digital series, and the comic will appear on physical media for the first time.

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We have an exclusive preview of Overwatch: New Blood #2 from Ray Fox, Irene Koch, Mariel Rodriguez and Deron Bennett from Dark Horse Comics, in which Cole Cassidy arrives in Cairo to approach Farrah with an offer to join the Overwatch team. Currently working for Helix, Farrah is responding to a wave of attacks from Talon as she copes with her own struggle with being publicly referred to as the daughter of Ana Amari, her mother, with whom she has a complicated relationship. Check out the preview pages of Overwatch.

Farrah meets Cole Cassidy, who brings back painful memories of her past. Farrah’s mother, Ana Amari, has been a member of the Overwatch team for a long time. However, although Ana has been a part of Overwatch for a long time, she didn’t want the same fate for her daughter. Now it seems that Cole Cassidy is trying to get them together again, as tensions with Talon reach a limit.

The official synopsis reveals that Cassidy will arrange a meeting between Ana and Farah to heal old wounds, but the couple’s reunion will be interrupted by a “surprise attack.”

In Cairo, Cole Cassidy approaches Farrah to participate in Overwatch, but a complicated past with her mother makes Farrah unwilling to join. Cassidy arranges a meeting between mother and daughter, memories and unhealed wounds come to the surface, but a sudden attack leaves no room for vulnerability. A version of the cover by Paulina Ganusho (Zodiac Starforce)!

Farrah and Ana are valuable assets to the Overwatch team, but will they be able to overcome their past problems and work together in the face of conflict? Unfortunately, they may not have a choice when the Ticket goes up. Readers will learn more when Overwatch: New Blood #2 by Dark Horse Comics arrives in comic book stores on August 17, 2022.


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