Overwatch Players discuss Which is the rarest skin in the game


For some players, the surge of endorphin they get when a loot box gives them exactly what they’ve been looking for for so long is the perfect sense of validation of their time spent in the game. A game like Patrol is one of the games that can give this feeling, with a large list of colorful characters providing a large list of rare skins that can be earned. However, it was this rarity that became a topic of discussion for many players on social networks after one curious player asked other fans of the Overwatch game which skin, in their opinion, is the rarest.

A Reddit user with BlizzLee asked a question on the official Overwatch game subreddit, wanting to know which skins, according to other players, are currently the rarest in the game. Although at first glance BlizzLee’s question sounds like they are talking about skins that can still be earned, BlizzLee gives a few examples that are no longer available as they could only be obtained at a certain time or at a certain time. Examples provided by BlizzLee include the Bation skin for the start of Blizzcon 2016, the Pink Mercy 2018 skin as part of breast cancer awareness, and the Fatal Widow bonus skin Noir for pre-ordering after the game’s release.

as several other players rushed to intervene with that, the Blizzards eventually caused the notorious avalanche in the comments section, as several other players rushed to intervene with what they consider to be the rarest skins. Two of the common answers are skins from the 2018/2019 season in League Patrol, many of which were removed due to the fact that several teams changed their colors and logo designs, as well as any released crossover skins, such as Illidan’s skin for Genji or in Starcraft. inspired by Reinhardt’s skin.

What do you think is the rarest skin in the game right now? Is the Bastion close? Pink mercy? Noir the Fatal Widow? Share the comments below! from Overwatch

However, a quick scroll of the comments will also reveal many other skins, such as the Bridget Sigma medic or Florida Chaos skins, which some players believe are the rarest, since only a small number of players even think to raise them. .

Considering that the patrol is already in its sixth year, and that Overwatch 2 will be released in October 2022, it is clear that there are enough little-known and rare skins to make such debates as lively as in the post branch. Overwatch isn’t the only game that does this, as many live—service games release time-limited cosmetic content to encourage the gaming community to either play the game or buy it directly. Although there are many examples of the latter, an example of the former can be regularly seen in the releases of the first day of raids in Destiny 2 emblems and players available to receive for completing a raid in the first 24 hours, with the former released as part of the “Scourge of the Past” raid race.

Overwatch is currently available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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