Overwatch League partners with IBM AI for Power Rankings


Overwatch League, the game’s main world league, is about to return to its 2021 season, and this year’s edition has some good news thanks to a partnership between Blizzard and IBM Watson, which guarantees an accurate form based on AI to evaluate players and their teams in a super accurate Power Ranking!

It allows all the talents of the League to be evaluated in the most objective way possible, while at the same time informing the spectators about the most exciting data of the confrontations. The cool thing is that the technology was ready in time for the games to return on April 16th!


If you want to follow the work of this cutting-edge AI, your data will be generated and published weekly both on the league’s website, overwatchleague.com, and on the IBM website, at ibm.com/overwatch.

Who are you going to root for this season? Are you looking forward to Overwatch 2? Comment below!


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