Overwatch League Brings Hero Rankings with AI IBM Watson


Overwatch League: Just as the current Overwatch League season was about to kick off, we reported here the partnership between Blizzard and IBM Watson to create the most accurate Power Rankings ever seen in the esports business, all thanks to this pioneering and straightforward AI in the solution ranking in competitive games!

During all matches of the season, the algorithm was used to study matches, maps and squads, passing a super-complete performance report. And now he’s even better, as the AI ​​can also establish who the best players are with each hero!

Called Hero Rankings, the system has been fully integrated into Power Rankings with Watson and will bring weekly rankings for each of the 32 characters in the game. They will use everything from the total playing time to the impact that each athlete can have on the result of the match.

Thus, IBM Watson will bring an objective answer to which Overwatch players are the best in the world with certain heroes, which will help both fans and teams when debating their performances and predicting the results of clashes.

To follow these rankings, simply visit the tournament’s official website, overwatchleague.com, or the ibm.com/overwatchleague portal, where results are posted weekly. What are you thinking of the current season of the Overwatch League? Looking forward to Overwatch 2? Comment below!


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