Overwatch, free with Nintendo Switch Online October 13-20


Subscribers to the Nintendo Switch service can play this trial version for free at no cost. All the details. Nintendo and Blizzard have confirmed that Overwatch: Legendary Edition will be totally free for Nintendo Switch users subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online from October 13 to 20.

The Japanese company, in its quest to boost the console’s online service, now offers this one-week gift to subscribers. Let’s get to know all the details to play and download the sample version.

Download Overwatch: Legendary Edition now for free temporarily

Overwatch: Legendary Edition in the sample version is the full game; that is, from Tuesday October 13 to Tuesday October 20 we will be able to play the first-person hero shooter, which has millions of units sold around the world, with all its modalities and options, including everything related to online features since it is offered to players with accounts on Nintendo Switch Online.

To download the trial version, now available from the eShop, simply click here, log in with our Nintendo account and start playing once the download is finished and we are within the aforementioned deadlines.

The 6v6 battles of the Blizzard phenomenon will be available totally free on the dates indicated both in Europe (Spain included) and in other territories, from North America to Japan. In total, the title comes equipped with 28 maps and more than thirty characters.

Becoming a member of Nintendo Switch Online has several benefits. From discounts in the eShop to access to dozens of games from both NES and SNES at no additional cost. Currently, the price for one month (30 days) is € 3.99; the 3-month (90-day) is € 7.99; while the 12-month (365 days) is € 19.99. There is also a 12-month (365-day) family subscription for € 34.99, which can be shared with up to 8 accounts. There is also a 7-day free trial.

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