Overwatch 2 Video Offers a Deep Dive into Kiriko’s Abilities


Activision Blizzard shared a video of Overwatch 2 with a deep dive into Kiriko and her abilities, such as “Quick Step” teleportation, Ofuda healing, which will prevent the death of her teammates, and piercing kunai, which acts as her main attack. Kiriko joins Overwatch 2 with Season 1, an online service-style addition to be expected from future seasons of Activision Blizzard’s hero shooter.

Overwatch 2 is a seasonal title that includes a battle pass, and Kiriko is among the many other rewards that players can get by playing the game thanks to the added level system. Kiriko will open at level 55 in the Overwatch 2 battle pass, and to give Activision Blizzard fans an idea of what to expect from the new hero, the video reveals important details and what her arsenal looks like. Similar to existing Overwatch heroes like Genji and Hanzo, Kiriko can climb walls to get to a vantage point, but unlike the aforementioned characters, Kiriko will spend most of her time healing in matches.

According to Activision Blizzard, Kiriko is a hybrid healer with one goal, and her Healing Power flies like a projectile to a targeted teammate, such as Zenyatta Spheres or Resurrection from Mercy. Like Mercy, Kiriko’s Quick Step allows the character to quickly reach an ally in danger, but unlike Mercy, this ability can move the player through walls. Due to her hybrid nature, Kiriko’s abilities are split between attacking and supporting, with her Ofuda’s healing balanced by the impressive damage inflicted by her kunai. Kiriko’s ultimate ability is called Kitsune Rush, and it gives the closest Overwatch 2 heroes buffs to their movement speed, cooldown speed, attack speed, and reduced recovery time.

In addition to her Healing Ofuda, Kiriko has a defensive ability called the Suzu Defense, which makes all heroes in a certain area immune for a limited time and removes any negative effects. A video with Kiriko’s breakdown in Overwatch 2 from Activision Blizzard shows how a Protective Susa is thrown at players who are threatened with death from the ultimate ability of the Ratman, and at others who are hindered by Ana’s biotic grenade. Unlike Healing Ofuda, which stands out because it is thrown at damaged characters in a fairly standard way, Protection Suzu is situational, and Activision Blizzard hinted that it is best used together with Swift Step.

As was the case with many of Jeff Kaplan’s previous community updates, several Overwatch 2 fans expressed enthusiasm for Activision Blizzard’s detailed video for Kiriko, which has similarities to classic posts.

Overwatch 2 will be released on October 4 on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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