Overwatch 2 Skipping the Third Beta Might Be a Bad Idea


As more and more players got their hands on Overwatch 2, and after Blizzard confirmed that the game would be free, many harsh opinions about the sequel softened a little. Despite the fact that there are still disputes around Overwatch 2 and the decision to replace the original game client, most players are happy to get their hands on the game again. Unfortunately, they most likely won’t be able to do this until the official launch in October.

According to Overwatch commercial director John Spector, the new beta version will not be released before the game’s debut, as Blizzard is satisfied with the data received and is going to focus all its efforts on refining the game. While this is understandable to some extent, there are two important reasons why the third beta should take place, and both are related to currently untested content.

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The Overwatch 2 Switch port deserves proper testing

While the release of Overwatch 2 on Switch is interesting for those who only play on the Nintendo platform, fans are concerned about how the game will work on a hybrid console. The original Overwatch worked well enough on Switch, but with the advent of new maps and character models, fans are probably wondering how they will look on Switch. In addition, it is important to remember how much the Switch version will differ from other versions of Overwatch 2.

A lot has been said about the fact that Overwatch is perceived differently on the console compared to the PC, and fully accurate aiming is much less common on the PlayStation and Xbox than on the PC. Thus, heroes like Torbjorn are more dangerous on consoles, and sometimes they need to be balanced in a different way. Since the Switch is even harder to aim at, especially in its portable version, the game may also need some unique balancing. So it would be ideal to let players test the Switch version before release, as players can leave feedback on how the redesigned and new heroes feel while playing on the go. Unfortunately, gamers may not know how the game looks and works on Switch until launch day.

Fox Hero from Overwatch 2 may come out in a faulty state

The first beta version of Overwatch 2 provided players with Sojourn, which allowed them to experience the Damage hero with a railgun before the official release of the game. The second beta made Junker Queen available, allowing gamers to see how well the new tank fits into the 5 by 5 style. Although both characters were fairly balanced from the start, this does not apply to every character. Following the established pattern, it would just make sense to release a final beta version that will make Fox’s hero playable, so it’s strange that this isn’t the plan.

Allowing players to test two of the three heroes is a strange decision, since reviews of Fox’s hero can guarantee that the game will be very good on the first day. Blizzard may be confident in this character and doesn’t think public testing is required for them, but the community will surely enjoy the opportunity to share their thoughts. Given that this Fox character is in a supporting role, a category that Blizzard aims to make more fun by allowing players to determine if a character is really in a good place seems important.

With the anniversary of Overwatch Vol. 3 coming to an end in September, players will have to wait a few weeks before the game goes live. This window from mid-September to October 4 can be filled with the final beta version, which will allow Switch users to finally test the game and give all players the opportunity to explore the Fox hero before launching. As with MultiVersus, Blizzard can immediately switch from the final beta to the actual game by receiving the last batch of reviews before the game’s debut. Although the studio is unlikely to change its decision to abandon another beta version, the final testing period before the release in early access will certainly benefit.

Overwatch 2 is released on October 4 on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.


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