Overwatch 2 removes Loot boxes, but adds combat passes and a store


As Overwatch 2 prepares to become free, some major changes will be made to it, including the removal of loot boxes that were once a defining part of the original.

During today’s presentation of Overwatch 2, Blizzard announced that the upcoming sequel will follow in the footsteps of many other modern online games and introduce a combat pass.

Although Blizzard did not provide details, it confirmed that players will be able to unlock cosmetic items through both the battle pass and the in-game store. In addition, Overwatch 2 will have weekly challenges, which Blizzard calls “Competitive Game 2.0”.

The introduction of a combat pass also means that Overwatch 2 will get rid of an important part of its legacy: loot boxes.

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“Along with the free changes, we are completely abandoning loot boxes,” Jeff Goodman, the lead designer of heroes, said during the stream. “We will have a new combat pass model, and we also have a store, so players will have much more control over how they interact with the game and acquire new content.”

All changes are related to the transition of Overwatch 2 to the free-to-play model, joining Fortnite and many other modern shooters. At the same time, Blizzard promises what it says is a reliable roadmap with a regular rhythm of content.

However, it turns out that Overwatch 2 is essentially a deviation, even if it resembles the original in shape. Players will see for themselves how different things will be when the beta version of Overwatch 2 starts on June 28 before its early access release on October 4.

In the meantime, check out the rest of the Overwatch 2 coverage as the Summer of Gaming continues.

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