Overwatch 2: Pros and cons of turning May into a tank


Overwatch 2 has redesigned a number of heroes, and for the most part, fans have responded well to the changes. While the adaptation to the Angel’s flight turned out to be very controversial, the Fist of Death feels good in the role of a Tank, and playing for Orisa is much more fun. Sombra’s changes have made her the best choice in the right hands, while Bastion is now a viable choice in most situations. Winston’s new ranged combat option also helped a lot.

However, the adaptation to May is controversial. While most players are happy to see that she has been redesigned so that her main fire no longer freezes opponents, Mei Mein hates this change, believing that it removes a key part of her personality. Thus, many have suggested switching her to the role of a Tank and returning her to freezing, and there are several other reasons why she would suit this category of characters. However, replacing the hero role with Overwatch 2 may have some drawbacks.

Why May can become a tank

First of all, freezing May May return if she joins the role of the Tank, which will surely appeal to long-time fans of the hero. The main reason why Mei threatened at close range was her ability to freeze those who approached and finish them off with a light shot to the head with an icicle. While Blizzard removed this ability, it was great news for those who were uncomfortable playing against Mei, and it made sense, since the goal was to remove control abilities from non-tank heroes, but changing Mei’s categories allowed this ability to return.

In addition to the fact that May has returned her freeze, there are many things in her set that already resemble a Tank. Mei’s Ice Wall is used to block areas and organize battles, which is a key task for tank players. Mei’s ability to freeze and heal herself allows her to stay alive and continue fighting, which is another important task for Tanks. Her ultimate ability is also very similar to a tank, as she also provides control. May would fit well into the category of tanks, as she would only need to make significant adjustments to her health, since most of her current kit is already well suited for this role and does not need changes.

Not only could May retain her identity as a tank and restore one of her signature abilities, she could also help solve the Overwatch problem, in which there are too few tanks and supports and too many characters dealing damage. While the upcoming Fox hero and post-launch add-ons will focus on eliminating the discrepancy, following in the footsteps of the Death Fist and turning May into a Tank may be helpful. Because it worked so well for the Talon leader, shaking up the role of the ice-wielding scientist could lead to the same positive outcome.

May doesn’t need a tank role

However, the key argument against such a change is that it is simply not necessary. At the moment, May is in very good condition, as she shines in the setting of Overwatch 2 5 by 5. Although it is true that she is not really a tank, this opens up opportunities when making a team. Also, while May is absolutely viable, she is also much less frustrating to play against in her current form. While freezing from her weapon might be fun for Mei’s users, the constant freezing and loss of freedom to fight back infuriated everyone else. Thus, the return of this ability may anger more gamers than we would like.

In addition, Mei’s character model is not suitable for the “Tank” category. While the Death Fist was able to make the transition thanks to its large muscular body, Mei is much smaller than all the other Tanks. Blizzard could significantly increase the size of May’s character model, but that would be a strange change that goes against the heroine’s story and her past appearances. Since May is currently balanced, the risk of turning her into a Tank can be a waste of time and resources, especially if the change turns out to be poorly received. While more role switching might be interesting, such a big adjustment to a character who plays well doesn’t make much sense.

Overwatch 2 is released on October 4 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.


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