Overwatch 2: How Junker Queen Demonstrates a New Tank Role


Blizzard recently told fans about the development of Overwatch 2 from the inside during its June event. This event was dedicated to all the changes that are expected in the sequel, and drew attention to the newest tank hero, Junker Queen.

Overwatch 2 aims to do more than just add more content to its popular multiplayer game; it tries to completely change the experience. From changing the current heroes and maps to adding brand new game modes, maps and heroes, this newly redesigned hero shooter will contain many changes. Perhaps the biggest change is due to the reduction of the team size from six to five and the loss of one tank role in the team. Blizzard responded to fans’ concerns about this radical change by examining the Junker Queen kit in detail and expressing how important it is for the new installation.

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How Overwatch 2 changes the alignment of teams

Overwatch fans know that there is a very specific setup for each team that allows each of the six players to choose between the roles of “Damage”, “Support” and “Tank”, two from each role in each team. This setup was very well suited for the original game, but the developers noticed that the gameplay could become stagnant, and the usual meta-data requires current tanks to overuse their shields and not actually engage in battle.

In Overwatch 2, each of the three roles undergoes significant changes. Due to the fact that each role now receives a certain passive ability, and many heroes receive changes or alterations of roles, each hero can act more independently. In particular, the need for giant shields has been eliminated, and tanks have become rowdy, whose goal is to crush the enemy team and pave the way for their team.

What does Junker Queen mean for the role of a new tank

Junker Queen was introduced as the 34th hero to join Overwatch 2 during the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase, but with virtually no details on how she would play. Fortunately, during the Blizzard presentation, players received a lot of information about who Junker Queen is and what she is going to bring to the battlefield.

The developers who created Junker Queen said that she is the first tank hero added to the game taking into account the style of the game 5 by 5. This means that instead of retrofitting her kit to match the new style of play, like all other tank heroes, Junker Queen’s weapons and abilities are completely new and show what Blizzard wants to do with the characters in Overwatch 2.

The set of the newest hero definitely emphasizes her aggressive character. Since Junker Queen has a variety of weapons and melee abilities, her goal is to break into the enemy’s front line and wreak havoc. Additionally, one of Junker Queen’s abilities is a battle cry that boosts her team’s speed and armor, and her weapon puts a debuff on enemies that renders them incapable of healing for a short period of time, further illustrating her role as an aggressive destroyer who can lead her team into battle.

Blizzard demonstrates how committed it is to providing fans with a new and improved Overwatch 2 experience. The June event also unveiled a plan to add new game modes, maps, and skins; this also further explained the recent change of the multiplayer game becoming free. In particular, this roadmap shows that there are many new heroes in development, one of which is another support hero who will join during the launch in October. If Junker Queen somehow indicates ambitious changes in the sequel, then Overwatch 2 will surely have more fun and interesting content.

Overwatch 2 will be available in early Access on October 4 for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.