Overwatch 2 For Switch May Go Through ‘Technical Adjustments’


Overwatch 2: During a question and answer session held on Reddit, some members of the Overwatch 2 development team gave details of what we can expect from the game’s edition for Switch, the main one being the going through some technical adjustments to make the title run properly most satisfying on the Nintendo platform.

“As the hardware has gone through advances since the release of Overwatch, we are enhancing the Overwatch 2 engine to bring more cutting edge technology. We’re working hard to make all our platforms have the best PvE experience, but things with Switch are a little more challenging and we’ll have to make some technical adjustments. As such, some visual improvements may not be visible, but we will strive to ensure that all technical specifications regarding gameplay are in this version”, commented John Lafleur, technical director of the new game.


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