Overwatch 2 Animated short series about how Junker Queen became the leader of Junkertown


Overwatch 2 recently announced that Junker Queen will be one of three new characters with the launch of the game. Now Overwatch 2 has shared a detailed look at the harsh tank, including an animated short film detailing the story of its origin and rise to power.

Junker Queen is a character who has existed for some time on the periphery of Overwatch lore. After several hints, leaks and possible disclosures, Junker Queen is finally ready to take center stage.

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Kinematics called “Wasteland” demonstrates the history of Odessa “Dez” Stone. Banished to the wastelands by the despotic Junker King Mason Hole as a child, Stone lost her mother, father and younger siblings in the harsh barren lands of Australia in the Overwatch universe. 13 years later, Stone returned to Junkertown to take part in the Reckoning, a public grudge match to determine the new ruler of Junkertown. Showing impressive courage, charisma and fighting skills, Stone dethrones Howl and becomes the Queen of Junkers.

“The Wastelander” is Overwatch’s first animated short film in almost three years. The latest was “Zero Hour”, which was released simultaneously with the announcement of Overwatch 2 in November 2019. The coronavirus pandemic and the Blizzard harassment controversy have been going on since 2021, but it looks like their wait has almost come to an end.

Fans received “The Wastelander” extremely positively. Overwatch 2 managed to fantastically convey the essence and personality of the character, and the cinematic video was of the same quality as in previous short films about the characters of its predecessor. Blizzard also smoothly introduced the gameplay mechanics of the character in the cinematic video — the Queen of Junkers creatively wields her shotgun, knife, axe and magnetic glove throughout the short film, and all this is presented in her set in Overwatch 2. The players also enjoyed the cameo of Krysavchik and Turbosvin as members of the crowd.

As Overwatch 2 introduces more characters in the future, as well as PvE content, many players are also wondering if Mary or Geiger – the other two Payback fighters—will appear as playable characters in the future, or Howl himself will somehow return. There’s very little information about what Overwatch 2’s PvE content will look like when it’s added to the game in 2023, but players can probably expect to hear more about it when the game goes into early access later this year.

Overwatch 2 is coming out in early access for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X on October 4.