Overlord IV Episode 11 Review – War?


Below are spoilers for the 10th episode of Overlord IV, “The Last King,” which is currently streaming on Crunchyroll.

The war between the Witchcraft Kingdom and the Kingdom of Re-Estiz has begun. Among the victims are Zanuck, the prince and the future king of Re-Estiza; however, Ainz does not have time to reflect on the surreal nature of his opponent’s demise, since much more threatening opponents have arrived: one in red armor, the other in pure white.

Albedo and Ainz engage in battle with two adventurers who have taken on the task of killing the enemy king before too many casualties are incurred; however, people still do not understand something fundamental: everything is within the calculations of Ainz Ooal Gown* (his very competent subordinates). This episode throws some crooked balls and demonstrates another manifestation of this season’s awkward humor.

The Fall of Re-Estiz

The episode begins with a view of King Ramposa III, the de jure king of the Kingdom of Re-Estize, in his chambers. One of his aides arrives to tell him about the terrible events on the battlefield; including the loss of all contact with the army and the fact that Prince Zanuck seems to have disappeared. Ramposa’s age and wisdom seem to act very quickly in conversation: the king punishes his stupid second son for having died before his father, just like the eldest, Barbro. The king frees everyone working in the castle from their positions and thinks they will have a good chance to escape if they do so while it is still dark. Despite the protests of his servant, Ramposa III decided that he would remain in the castle as the last king of the Kingdom of Re-Estiz.

Elsewhere, those associated with Hilma the Swan (and therefore with the Witchcraft Kingdom) are transported by Shalltear to a safe place. Hilma has a new recruit, Cocco Doll, who has no idea what Hilma is doing. Kokko Doll mentions the fact that Hilma and her associates have completely changed since they were last connected. Unfortunately, this becomes something of a “baptism of fire” as Shalltear has plans for Cocco Doll, which will definitely be terrifying — the Kyuhukou Room.

Who goes there?!

On the battlefield, Ainz and Albedo are preparing, but something is wrong. Ainz seems to only use four or five spells in turn, not to mention that both he and Albedo are caught off guard by the adamantium-level adventurer in red from last time. Ainz sends Albedo to confront the threat, and they rise into the sky.

The battle is very lackluster, as the adventurer seems to only want to lead Albedo to second place, and not to engage in battle; however, it later turned out that the adventurers have no illusions about the state of affairs – they cannot win. While Albedo fights red, who turns out to be the leader of the Red Drop adventurer faction, Azut Aindra, and white quickly engages in battle with Ainz, using a pair of intelligent blades and high-class fencing and magic. During the fight, Ainz pays attention to the various skills used by the samurai warrior in white, but he also has to be careful about this, because it may seem that Ainz is depressed in battle.

Both Ainz and Albedo fought their aggressors well; however, the strangeness felt by Ainz at the beginning of the episode is intensified when, during his battle with the white-clad warrior Riku Agania, Ainz finds that he cannot restrain him well enough to fight back. Ainz even realizes that the one he is currently fighting is simply under remote control, since spells such as “Heart Grip” are ineffective.

Even though Ainz was suppressed, Ainz still gives Rick a chance for his money, but some aspects of Riku’s fight with Ainz don’t make sense, especially when the Spellcaster King fails to overcome the barrier set by Riku, but Albedo can break through it by force. the will to protect his master. Fighting off Riku, he and Azut run away together to gather again in the nearby forest, where they share information about their opponents. Both admit that they have no chance of winning, and Riku is even more confident that Azut could never hope to injure Ainz in battle. From the outside, looking inside, Ainz did not seem to be himself, which is later confirmed by the fact that Ainz, watching from his throne in Nazarick, praises the Actor of Pandora and Albedo for a well-done intelligence work.

Players and NPCs

A strange kind of Overlord humor also penetrated the tempo, but since it was just a fictitious contest, as far as Ainz is concerned, perhaps in the next episodes, when the season comes to an end, everything will improve in scope and degree.


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