Overlord IV Episode 10 Review – Heads Will Fly


Below are spoilers for the 9th episode of Overlord IV “Countdown to Extinction”, which is currently being broadcast on Crunchyroll.

It wasn’t many times that Ainz Ooal Gown’s emotions got the better of him. Ever since he was trapped in the form of his lich lord in the former video game Yggdrassil, he somehow managed to simultaneously lose his humanity and start acting with it. The expected plan, devised by his most insidious Floor Guards, informally known by the code name “Carrot and Stick Internationally,” involves the destruction of several human villages in the Kingdom of Re-Estiz on the orders of Ainz.

While the impending war against Re-Estize was caused by the foolish actions of a mercenary noble, the scheme of the selfish, stupid actions of the human factions of Yggdrasil was a constant theme in Overlord IV; however, even the attack on the goods of the Sorcerer Kingdom in transit and the subsequent declaration of war to Re-Estize does not indicate that Ainz’s actions are personal. The 10th episode of Overlord IV is different. The stupidity of the people and the elite of the Re-Estiz has led to something that we don’t often see: the rage of Ainz Ooal Gown.

The call comes from the palace

The episode begins in Nazarick, where Ainz and the Floor Guards discuss the appearance of an Adamant-level adventurer, as well as a plan to capture the royal capital. The episode continues in the same way as the previous one – in the throne room of the future king, Prince Re-Estiz Zanak. He is deep in conversation with his younger sister Renner, who is his important advisor. They discuss possible ways out of the conflict, as well as the status of their now-detained father, who is being held in prison because of his health and safety, as well as because of his opposition to the plan to involve the Wizarding Kingdom in the war.

King Ramposa III wants to reduce their losses; however, Zanuck knows that the Witchcraft Kingdom is slowly moving north, through the territory of Marquis Raven, but wonders how they did it so quietly. Renner draws his attention to the fact that the only person capable of keeping secrets of this kind will be Marquis Raven, who may be threatened with harm and death of his son if he does not comply. The way of the Wizarding Kingdom was such that help could not pass through Raven’s domain to offer help to Re-Estize, in fact, a strategy aimed at driving Re-Estize into a corner before the war even began. Knowing that royalty is needed on the battlefield, Zanuck prepares to don heavy armor and lead his forces.

Adventurers unite?

Elsewhere, adamant-level adventurers from the Blue Rose female faction meet up with sloppy Uncle Lakyus, the leader of the only other Adamant-level Re-Estiz faction, the Red Drop. Their meeting is intercepted by the forces of a secret unit of the Slane Theocracy in the hope of uniting against a common threat: the Witchcraft Kingdom.

The stakes are high as these quarrelsome factions try to unite, but their differences turn out to be too big. Each faction decides to deal with the arrival of the Spellcaster King in some way before dispersing.

Eve of the war

The army of the Re-Estiza watches with apprehension as they take up their positions. The acting King Zanak arrives on the battlefield and asks for an audience with Ainz alone. When Albedo reports the news about the lonely King Zanuck hoping to talk to him, he offers to go alone on the grounds that Zanuck also came alone. Ainz sets up a long table and puts them several glasses of water while Zanak asks him what he wants to know. Throughout the conversation, Zanak understands what Ainz’s true goal is: achieving happiness for himself and his dearest people. Zanak, being human, understands the goal all too well, and although it is regrettable that the path to this happiness will see the death of countless people; not to mention the destruction of the Kingdom of Re-Estiz, Zanak feels something he never expected: the feeling that he and the formidable King of the Witchcraft Kingdom are actually kindred spirits.

Ainz never gets a chance to express his nascent sense of admiration for Zanuck, whom he considers a true example of how communication with real members of the royal family should feel, and from the way he expresses this thought, it becomes clear that Ainz still finds himself and his leadership lacking. Although Zanuck’s desire to meet Ainz was prompted by his desire to force the Spellcaster King to rethink his desire to go to war, he leaves the conversation feeling somewhat satisfied with the impasse they have reached.


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