Overflights: how to farm nurni


Of all the resources in Ooblets, few are in dire need of babysitters. These coiled pieces of green metal are part of every conceivable design, improvement and promotion. This applies not only to the farm, babysitters are an integral part of the expansion of Badgetown and the opening of new stores.

The game will give players one or two here and there just to play the game. This will not be enough even for the most basic structural requirements. To really get nannies into Ooblets, it’s time to formulate an ideal farming method.

Farm nannies

To casually farm nannies, at the end of each day, exhaust the last part of the character’s energy by breaking stones. This method is a good, natural way to get a solid pile of babysitters, enough to upgrade or two every day.

Although in real life it is difficult to recommend drinking coffee before going to bed, some energy drinks can give gamers extra time to farm nannies before going to bed. Listen to a few podcasts while enjoying a relaxing gameplay if the work gets too monotonous.

To power up the farm and suspend everything else, just keep smashing the rocks on the farm. When there is no energy, either drink something or take a nap, and then return to the fight. These stones will eventually settle. If the stones run out, don’t forget to increase the total size of the farm.

Players who manage to destroy all the stones in their territory can then turn into weeds and logs. They are less likely to give nannies, but still much more likely than anything in the villages. Those who manage to clear all their possessions, especially after increasing the size, most likely will not have to worry much about babysitters until the end of the game.

And the last tip: do not send babysitters for orders until all equipment and stores are updated. This is an easy way to get chewing gums, but until late in the game they are more valuable than chewing gums.

Ooblets is now available for PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.


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